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Default Re: Is there an issue with nForce 1 and Linux?

Son Goku
I am running Knoppix/Debian Linux Ver.3.3 2004-2-16 on a NForce 1 mobo (MSI K7N420D Pro).I am a new Linux user so I can't help you with other distros but Knoppix Ver. 3.3 will bootup and run from the CD-ROM if you use the { knoppix noscsi } cheatcode at the boot prompt.

You may have problems with your onboard ethernet controller,not under Linux but when you reboot back into Windows 9x the network adapter's driver won't load!(If anyone knows how to fix this problem I would be very thankfull for the help!)

I liked what I saw the first time I ran Knoppix/Debian well enough that I went ahead and installed it on my hard drive and now run it most of the time ( that and the fact that the only way I can access the internet now is under Linux, see disclaimer above ).

Hope This Helps.
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