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Question Knoppix/Windows9x/NForce1 Network Controller Problem

New Linux user,long time Windows user here ( so take it slow and use small words and easy concepts when replying. )
I hope that someone here knows the answer to my problem.
After the first time that I got Knoppix Linux Ver.3.3 2004-2-16 to bootup and run normally from the CD-ROM everything worked fine but when I rebooted back into Windows ME the driver for the onboard network controller refused to load.Have tried everything I can think of to fix it,removed and reinstalled driver,turned network adapter off and on in the BIOS,even removed and reinstalled Windows ME (was due for reinstalling,had been running 2+ years,had to make room on hard drive for Linux installation )
Network adapter works fine under Linux but won't work under Windows anymore.
Anybody got any ideas on how to fix this?
Thanks In Advance.

MSI K7N420D Pro motherboard
AMD AlthonXP 1600+
128 MB GForce 3 TI 200 AGP (primary display)
16 MB ATI Rage Pro PCI (secondary display)
32 MB GForce 2 MX (onboard,disabled)
Nvidia SoundStorm Audio (onboard,5.1,dolby digital)
Nvidia 100/10 base T ethernet adapter (onboard)
Seagate 20 GB HD x2
CD-RW x2 (1 Sony, 1 L.G.)
Windows ME
Knoppix/Debian Linux (dual boot, Windows & Linux)
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