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Default Re: XFX GeForceFX 5700 Ultra OR Sapphire Radeon 9600XT???

struggle along? Yeah right. Both Far Cry demos run great on my 9600XT @ 1024x768 with every option on very high.
You need to let me in on you're secret then, as my 9800xt drops frames to a noticable degree at certain points in FarCry (the full game). I would call that struggling - especially when comparable games using DX8/OGL run amzingly well..

I would image that with a 9600xt with its half-pipe design with its 128bit memory bus would be slower... no? Then again when i say struggle, i also mean that you cant play DX9 games with full AA/AF like you can with any of the current DX8 titles... not without serious draw backs in performance anyhow - Thats If AA works at all. Halo anyone?

You also think that the IQ problem is fixed, take a look at comparison HardOCP did . Even with the 1.1 patch the Geforce FX 5900XT cannot keep up with the 9600XT much less the 5700u .
The comparison HardOCP did is out of date. I said with the latest forceware drivers too, which are 6x.xx something or other. That review was based on the patch only. Every forceware release usually ups the shader performance too... not that it matters. Buying a mainstream card and expecting uber DX9 performance is ...

How are the Forceware drivers nicer than the Catalyst? I have never had a problem with them and the AA and AF IQ is much better IMO.
AA quality is much better... not that you will be able to make much use of it with its nuted 128bit memory bus...

The ForceWare drivers are better, in terms of features. I have used both cards and i find myself wishing i could have the ForceWare drivers with my 9800xt .... profiles for a start. Also digital vibrance and Nview can be quite handy at times. Did i mention profiles?

With that said there is no reason to buy the 5700 ultra when you can have a superior product for less. Equally poor in DX9? Maybe I should post some Shader Mark scores.
Would those shadermarks be recent? I prefer scores from actual games.

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