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Default Re: XFX GeForceFX 5700 Ultra OR Sapphire Radeon 9600XT???

Originally Posted by RobHague
The ForceWare drivers are better, in terms of features. I have used both cards and i find myself wishing i could have the ForceWare drivers with my 9800xt .... profiles for a start. Also digital vibrance and Nview can be quite handy at times. Did i mention profiles?
Yeah I agree with the game profiles, hopefully ATI will add them into the next Catalyst set.

Originally Posted by RobHague
AA quality is much better... not that you will be able to make much use of it with its nuted 128bit memory bus...
10GB (13GB in the case of my overclocked Powercolor card) is more than enuff bandwidth to run almost every game (BF:1942, UT2003 and 2004, COD, and Painkiller) I play at 2xAA and 8xAF and since the 5700u has 14GB im sure it would also have no problems running games at these settings.

I don't know about Far Cry (the full game) but both demos never drop below 25fps and hang at 40fps most of the time im sure that if I dropped the everything down to high it would stay at 30-40.

Originally Posted by RobHague
I prefer scores from actual games.
Far Cry is the only game that pushes PS2.0 right now and I have already posted a comparison.
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