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Default Re: Blank virtual terminals

This is apparently a bug in the 5336 driver.
Many of us have posted about this same issue a month or two ago.

There a lot of us experiencing the same thing.
Apparently, Nvidia things everyone boots to a GUI, like Fedora or Mandrake 10.

Nvidia is "supposedly" working on a fix so us folks that boot to text can toggle back and forth and still see the output when we are back in the text-mode.

It's just something you have to contend with for now.
My work-around is to just shutdown from X, or do a re-boot in X.

The 2nd option is that since you know you are at a prompt when you toggle back to console, just execute your command to re-boot or shutdown from there.

If you find a fix, pleae let the rest of us know.
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