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Lightbulb WISH: nForce driver package updated for kernel 2.6

Yes I am currently aware that the 2.6.x tree both has ALSA support (AC'97/nForce), and a reverse engineered nvnet driver, but they aren't perfect.

Perhaps nvidia can get around and make and fix the alsa module for them? The current driver they use has caused drastic instability with my machine (kernel segmentation faults, file corruption because of the kernel segfaults, etc).

I'd use the nforce package for 2.4.x kernel, but that kernel doesn't like my computer all that much, 2.6.x the only problem I've had is the sound driver.

Not to mention, i would prefer an nvnet driver from nvidia rather than a reverse engineered one.

so PLEASE, make a 2.6.x series kernel driver pack for the nforce board!

(btw if u got any info on how to get rid of the kernel-segfaulting ALSA problem, PLEASE tell me how to resolve this issue, I'm using a no-sound kernel right now and its driving me insane! The silence... its so loud...)

This is relevant as of kernel 2.6.5, KDE 3.2.1, gcc 3.3.3
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