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Default Re: Nvidia 5336 driver with Fedora Core 2

carcifier -

Download the kernel-2.6.5.x.src.rpm.

>> rpm -i kernel-2.6.x.src.rpm

This "installs" or unpacks everything into the build tree, placing the source tarball, any patches, and pre-made kernel config files in /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES. The master build script or ".spec" file (the one you need to edit) is unpacked into /usr/src/redhat/SPECS. Go there.

In this case, kernel-2.6.spec must be edited before building, commenting out the nostacks patch. This has two steps.

1. Near the top of kernel*.spec, comment out the reference line "Patch200: linux-2.6.5-nostack.patch"
2. Comment out the spot where the patch is actually applied, "%patch200 -p1".

Save and close. In same dir (/usr/src/redhat/SPECS), rebuild rpm with "rpmbuild -bb kernel-2.6.spec". You may need to install rpm-build if you don't have it. (You may also wish to toggle on SMP, usually a boolean near the top of the .spec)

That's it...assuming the kernel config doesn't need to be changed also to reflect the lack of the nostacks patch (??). Install the resulting rpm using "rpm -ivh", NOT "-Uvh". It will appear near the end of the long build process as "Wrote: /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/kernel*.i386.rpm".
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