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Default Re: WISH: nForce driver package updated for kernel 2.6

I'm running 2.6.5 and I'm using the kernel drivers for nforce mobo chipset support and nvidia 5336 for graphics support.

The kernel IDE, agp and net drivers seem to be VERY fast. The Alsa sound drivers leave something to be desired, I've had a devil of a time getting them configured right, and I still can't get sound out of Mplayer. I'm not all that impressed with the sound quality either.

The chipset drivers work fine, except since I compiled and installed the kernel, the machine has been freezing hard requiring a hard restart. This is unthinkable for a Linux machine. I've tried recompiling with various options enabled or disabled.

The stock 2.4.22 kernel that came with my Slackware distribution ran like a champ. I was seduced by the speed of the 2.6 kernel drivers, but it hasn't been easy getting a stable working machine. I'd like to see nvidia drivers too.
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