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Default It doesn't work for me

I get weird, random crashes and very bad behavior from the NVidia drivers. They've never been the most stable thing on my system, and have been responsible for my desktop system crashing about once a week, but now I can't really do anything 3D and have them work right.

This has been happening ever since I upgraded to RH 8.0, and especially since I've upgraded to the 3123 NVidia drivers. I have an SY-K7V Soyo Dragon Plus! motherboard. Aside from the video card, I'm only using onboard peripherals. I've noticed that sound, video, and ethernet all end up sharing IRQ 11.

I have one theory, which is that the kernel data structure layouts have shifted slightly because of the gcc-3.2 compiler, and the kernel driver NVidia ships still uses the old layouts. It's shipped as a source RPM, but the source is just a thunking layer between the kernel and a .o file that gets linked in.

Anyway, if anybody has any ideas, or if anybody knows if NVidia intends to post drivers specifically compiled for the gcc-3.2 compiled kernel, I'd appreciate knowing about it.
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