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Default Re: Support for 4K stack in the next kernel?

Originally Posted by crimsun
floam's on the ball. As of -mc2, it's a config option that defaults to no. You must explicitly enable it if you wish 4K stacks.
Below is a snippit from's changelong for the latest 2.6.5-? submitted changes....

ChangeSet@1.1713.18.181, 2004-04-12 13:18:43-07:00,
[PATCH] ia32: 4Kb stacks (and irqstacks) patch


At present 4k stacks are selectable in config. When the feature has settled
in we should remove the 8k option. This will break the nvidia modules. But
Fedora uses 4k stacks so a new nvidia driver is expected soon.

WOO WOO, thanks NVIDIA... glad to see things are happening (even if hidden from public view)!
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