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Default My bros burner

I have Morrowind and I want to give my brother a copy (we live in the same house so you can't accuse me of piracy). He burnt it without error BUT when he tries to install it it comes up with a strange error saying it cannot read a certain file.
He has a p3 800mhz
256mb PC 133 ram
Windows XP Home
Rico burner 32x read 16 write
Pioneer DVD cd-rom (some older one)
He tried installing the burnt copy from his Pioneer cd-rom (yes it can read normal cd's and not just DVD cd's), that way he will not need mine (I keep my Morrowind in cd in the cd-rom for a few days (Is that really bad?)).
BTW Everytime I buy a game I give my little bro a copy, is that piracy? I wouldn't think so.
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