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Default <=44.96 causes heavy 2D artefacts, FX5900

with 44.96 <= I get the wierdest thing happening: namely, if I fire up ANY OpenGL app, I don't have any 2D artifacts in windows/Xfree(in Linux). With any post 44.96 I have artifacts happening even if I start an OpenGL app, both in X/Windows and in OpenGL/Direct3D windowed/fullscreen. Wtf is going on?

System conf:
Asus A7N8X-Deluxe (Nforce2 3.13 drivers) mobo
AMD Barton 2500XP (Oclocked to 3200XP, with artifacts happening on both oclocked and not oclocked system processor setup)
Kingston ram 2x512 modules running at 200Mhz FSB (same as the processor), with all other stuff left to STD (the artifacts happen with all kinds of bios oclocking setups, and even underclocking the FSBs to 166Mhz).
2 Sata drives
Intel e1000pro 1000mbit LAN pci card
LFS (Linux from scratch system, gcc-3.2, Xfree 4.3 Kernel-2.6.5)
Windoze XP pro
Prolink Pixelview GeForce 5900 w/256 RAM not EVER over/underclocked

Please please, if anyone has any constrictive suggestions as to where to look for problems fire it away, thanx.

Another thing worth mentioning, with any post 44.96 I have artifacts in OpenGL applications such as Alias Maya 5.01 in the viewport, namely the tessalation polys are periodically rendered as black, and the 'Maya Hardware Render' causes the machine to hange (both in Windoze and Linux).
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