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Default Installed Nforce2 driver failed on RH9 and FedoraCore 1

Hi all, i am newbie total on linux, I try to install RH9 and download NVIDIA driver for VGA and my nforce2 driver from NVIDIA web site. the first step I installed VGA driver for my GForceFX5200 and It successfully, but after i installed nforce2 driver with RPM i get the message that the module didn't match with the kernel on RH9. couse the my kernel source rpm from CD redhat is 2.4.20_8 and after i see the driver, that the nforce driver have the kernel nforcexxx.2.4.20_9.
are you know how to finish my problem?? or may be if I should to upgrade the kernel 2.4.20_9 where i should to download these kernel source for RH9??? Because untill now, my Soundcard and Ethernet card with AsusA7N8X-X didn't work on RH9
sorry about my english, i wish all of you understand my mean.

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