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Default Re: Nvidia 5336 driver with Fedora Core 2

Originally Posted by pschaff
This will work for now, but the option will go away when the mainline 2.6.6 kernel comes out with standard 8k stacks and no patch. NVidia needs to get on the bandwagon now and come out with a beta driver for the 2.6.6 and future kernels.
Correct. If Nvidia doesn't come up with a fix it will probably get harder and harder to use the Nvidia driver with post-2.6.5 kernels.

The right thing for Nvidia to do is to make their drivers Open Source, obviously. I would not recommend or choose Nvidia hardware for business purposes, since the Nvidia driver is not and will never be industrial strength quality. Which is very annoying, since obviously Nvidia's engineers are capable enough, but apparently their license forces them to produce drivers of inferior quality.

Sorry about that. ;-)
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