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Default Re: Nvidia 5336 driver with Fedora Core 2

Originally Posted by LordMorgul
Register parameters appear to work fine with the driver, earlier posts by myself mentioned that this may be related to the problems with Fedora rawhide (fc2 test2) kernels.. this was not correct. The primary issue is the stack change, which is there in your post. REGPARM will remain as an option (which works either way) but 4KSTACKS will be merged permanently to the mainline kernel.
It can not be the stack change to 4kb for better performance, when It runs all times with all last 2.6.* here with no probs. Or have I an wonder nVdidia binary driver or an other rawhide Fedora for years?

---> /usr/src/linux-2.6.5-mm6

[ ] Use register arguments (EXPERIMENTAL)
Compile the kernel with -mregparm=3. This uses an different ABI
and passes the first three arguments of a function call in registers.
This will probably break binary only modules.

[*] Use 4Kb for kernel stacks instead of 8Kb
If you say Y here the kernel will use a 4Kb stacksize for the
kernel stack attached to each process/thread. This facilitates
running more threads on a system and also reduces the pressure
on the VM subsystem for higher order allocations. This option
will also use IRQ stacks to compensate for the reduced stackspace.

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