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Default Re: Nvidia 5336 driver with Fedora Core 2

No wonder the driver doesn't work with 4K stacks. the nvidia drivers seems to use huge amounts of stack. It even wonders me that it actually works with 8K stacks.
Lots of functions in the driver that take (4K, 2K, 1K each). Image what happens when an interrupt kicks in when the driver just used 7KB, and the ISR assumes it can safely use 2KB.

To the nvidia developers: search the net for the tool. It is _very_ usefull in determining big stack (ab)users.
[harm@node-d-8d2e c]$ objdump -d /lib/modules/2.4.26/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.o | ./
0xb6ff3 _nv002427rm: sub $0x908,%esp (almost 4K !)
0x7ff93 _nv003775rm: sub $0x64c,%esp ( ~1-2K)
0x21fd3 _nv000899rm: sub $0x648,%esp
f53f: 81 ec 94 05 00 00 sub $0x594,%esp
_nv003402rm: sub $0x594,%esp
0x10247 _nv003354rm: sub $0x520,%esp
0x42633 _nv003333rm: sub $0x4a8,%esp
0x100bb _nv003353rm: sub $0x490,%esp
0x842ff _nv004811rm: sub $0x41c,%esp (1K from here)
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