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Default Re: XFree86-4 (Mdk 10) crashes with driver 5336

I think you misread the README file... Here is what it says, but I also happened to fix the problem while it crashed with your idea of having those two load as well (i tried it just to make sure )
Device section and replace the line:
        Driver "nv" 
        Driver "nvidia"  
In the Module section, make sure you have:
        Load   "glx"
You should also remove the following lines:
        Load  "dri"
        Load  "GLcore"
if they exist.  There are also numerous options that can be added to
the XF86Config file to fine-tune the NVIDIA XFree86 driver.  Please see
Appendix D for a complete list of these options.
The way it worked for me was that while it was crashed, and I had the edited XF86Config-4 file already in place, I tried once more to run the install application and it did everything like before, except now the logo shows up and it loads !!!!
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