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Default Re: <=44.96 causes heavy 2D artefacts, FX5900

Originally Posted by molecular
It's a "known" problem that was fixed sometime between 4496 and 5328.
use a newer driver
As I said, with ANY (meaning I tried ALL of them) post 44.96 ('post' meaning 'comming after')I have the same artifacts, the only difference is that it is even worse since I can't make a workaround of having some openGL program running (it works even if the program is minimized into a miniicon, or tray or what have you).

"Have you tried using different nvapg settings?, see the nvidia readme for it. If it happens in both OS's then your looking at a hardware issue and maybe pre gfx card failure."

Yes I have tried all kinds of combinations. With 44.96, I cannot get the Nvidia AGP (the one that commes in if you check Nvidia AGP support in the Linux kernel configuration) to work, only the NvAGP from the driver. With NvAGP, I cannot get 'fast writes' to work, whereas if I use a newer artifact-making driver I can sucessfully get the Nvidia AGP for Nforce chip to load, I do get fast writes (I cat /proc/driver/nvidia/status to see if its up or not btw), but the horible artifacts are happening all over, eventually causing X to freez (I am however able to ssh into a machine from another box, and even kill and restart X but the virtual terminals are gone forever once it freezes..).
I'm beginning to think that my card is actually faulty in hardware (though everything works perfect with 44.96 and an openGL app running).
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