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Here is what I would like to see.

Games no more than 12 months old
resolutions @
1024*768 - 32bit
1280*960 - 32bit
1280*1024 - 32bit
1600*1200 - 32bit

When seeing what new cards can do, 2+4xAA + min of 4x anistopic filtering is a must, and games (if any) that support both DirectX and OpenGL eq. UT but new games, I would like to see the results run on both APIs.

Now just to add a bit more to the games used, I think it would be good if there were games from different genes used, as not everyone just plays FPS

Basiclly benchmarks have to relate to everyone, like using 2 or even three different systems, as not everyone upgades thier hole system all at once, many upgrade thier video card first and could be using a low end cpu. When looking at benchmarks, everyone should be able to say, ok now if I buy this card, this is what I can expect on my pc with game x at certain settings.

Most of todays setting really only reflect systems that have both the latest card(which is bieng reviewed) and the latest cpu, memory, motherboard etc. To me only a very small group of people would have these systems, so only very few could expect similar results on thier pcs if they upgraded thier video to what was being reviewed.

Sorry for the long post and I hope it all makes sense
but this is what I think alot of reviews are missing.

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