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Default Re: Like it on the left or on the right?

They both look identical in most places, but one spot that sticks out is the bottom of the brown wing, which is better on the left. To be fair though, the only reason it stuck out is because the right pic has the same problem the bottom pic in the other thread had, the AA pixels in that spot are too light.
nsh!itia cant make a superior overall product,they are famous for getting 100fps in one game and 25fps in the next,..its so bad that they have to delay games forever just so they will run acceptible on the share of the market that owns nsh!tia cards..its pathetic they rely soley on their software,.which is good ill admit,...but their hardware is crap,...and they will brag to the core about the 6800 and ati stays quiet and months before the 6800 ati just throws the x800 on the market,...and then sits and smiles,so nv is now crying [snip] and ati is not sitting on old technology,...list more than 5 games that fully use pixel shader 2.0,exactly,nv is just using ps3.0 as a gimmick because the fx line cant even pixel shade my a$$!!!,[snip] not time for that yet,..and ati knows when sega rushed the dreamcast on the n64-playstation1 .goodnight and sleep forever nsh!tia
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