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Default Re: Performance problems - FX5600-TX

Originally Posted by Demonen
demonen@z0rz:~$ glxgears
7376 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1475.200 FPS
8050 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1610.000 FPS
(repeat until insane)
This is in 24Bit depth nearly normally for your card. In 16Bit not. I was also shocked, when I put in my new FX5700 after long using my fast Ti4200 with higher scores up2 ~6500 FPS and now ~4400 FPS.

Originally Posted by Demonen
I've had some trouble with /usr/lib/tls/* aswell since the nVidia installer insists on putting stuff there and my 2.4.x kernel does not agree.
I can't run UT2k3/4 while that directory is there, so I've removed it.
I dont know if Debian use TLS/NPTL, now. Too long not more using Debian... But the nVidia installer should see if your Debian glibc use it or not. And I can remind me that the tls libs from XFree86 for the DRI in /usr/X11R6/lib/ was here a bad choice with the ready nV binary driver and the tls libgl* in /usr/lib/tls/* are from nVidia.
Maybe putting /usr/lib/tls in /etc/ (ldconfig after) helps you.

And if you want a better performance for the desktop or gaming, you should install an actual 2.6.5 kernel from:

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