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Default Re: XFree86-4 (Mdk 10) crashes with driver 5336

Unrelated, but can the depth be 32? I don't really know what that number 24 reffers to, but I am thinking perhaps 24 million? If so, can I change it to 32 and have even more color depth? That would really come in useful when I run Counter-Strike. Because as of right now it's a little jumpy and not too smooth. I tried update rates and stuff but they don't make a squat of difference. I think I need a new vid card, but that's money that I can't afford to spend right now. Any advice would be useful, and if you happen to know about CS and winex3, then that's perfect

Anyway, thanks all for the help so far. It has made me from not being able to play Tuxracer to now actually knowing what that game is about. I can actually even have a cool screensaver because I use OpenGL.
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