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Default Re: MDK 10 C, Getting DolboyDigital working?

Official nVidia nForce drivers is a big word. The only real thing they added is a closed source network driver the rest is normal GPLed code (code that is in the kernel too). Everything except the closed source nvnet driver is included in recent 2.4x and 2.6x kernels. (2.6x also includes a reverse engineered network driver)

You need to live without dolby digital. The nforce sound part consists of two chips, one is the audio codec (for example from realtek) which is connected to the audio outputs. Next there's nvidia's own soundchip which is connected to the codec to do all the hard work. On linux this nvidia chip isn't supported but just the audio codec which means that the cpu has to do all work. (means no dolby 5.1)
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