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Default NVIDIA 5336 issues with RH9 kernel 2.6

Hi all,

I'm running Red Hat 9 and I recently downloaded the kernel 2.6.4 source from the site, compiled and installed it. I would say it works ok because i'm not getting any FAILED errors on bootup and my hardware all works. the only problem is that i can't install the nvidia 5336 drivers on my machine.
i tried installing it on kernel 2.4 and it works flawlessly, point2play (included in winex) was satisfied with the FPS. so i guess the problem is in kernel 2.6 somewhere.
the installer loads fine, it reports that it can't find a pre-compiled driver for my kernel and offers to download one from the internet. it fails to do that and then it says that it will attempt to compile a driver for my kernel. It begins compiling and goes all the way to 100%.
It then fails by saying that it was unable to load the kernel module nvidia.ko. the only advice it gives is that it needs the kernel source of the running kernel. i used the kernel-source-path parameter to specify the path to the kernel source, but i still get the same result.
Could anyone PLEASE help me with this problem?
I would really appreciate it if you could give me any information.
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