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Default Re: americas army performance issues

On the official americas army forums you will find several posts regarding performance issues.. in particular that many people find the performance to be much higher with agpgart rather than nvagp -- I find them very similar for this game (nvagp rules otherwise). The main problem I think.. is that the engine is very cpu load intensive. I run nearly the same fps with 16x12 maxed features as I do 8x6 minimum (and we all know that it SHOULD make a difference).

I average 12 - 20 fps outdoors (especially with fog) and 45 - 90 fps indoors with my ti4400 (glxgears runs ~3000). Since the 5200s seem a bit slower (by peoples reports) I think your framerate is reasonable. In windows I do run slightly faster for AAOps, but the sound sucks! Alsa is much better -- So, take your pick.
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