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Default Re: Knoppix/Windows9x/NForce1 Network Controller Problem

Work Around Found!

I figured out how to fix the problem everytime it happens.This may not work for anyone else but here goes.
1st In the BIOS set "Advanced BIOS Features -Boot Other Device" to Enable.
2nd This is the part that may not work for anyone else as my system has 2 hard drives ,primary IDE master (Windows/Linux bootable) and slave (fat32,data,nonbootable). when Linux installed Lilo in the Master Boot Record on the bootable drive (C: , HDA ) it detected the nonbootable drive ( D: , HDB ) and made an entry in Lilo.config giving me the option of trying to boot off the nonbootable drive, when that fails it triggers the motherboard BIOS's boot on lan feature which resets the onboard ethernet adapter to default settings undoing whatever changes forcedeth is applying to the adapter allowing the Windows Drivers to load when Windows starts up.
Its kinda messy but it works.
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