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Default Re: <=44.96 causes heavy 2D artefacts, FX5900

OK, got this issue figured out in Windows XP by downlclocking the driver's core processor speed from the default 400mhz to 360mhz (with memory left at the default 800mhz)... The good thing is that nvidia driver itself autodetected a 426mhz processor/982mhz memory for the 'Performance 3D' mode, meaning full-screen OpenGL/Direct3D games in windows, and it works, games are stable, aa works great etc. The question is: how should I go around _downclocking_ the clock speed of the GPU in Linux? I saw a tool called nvclock (or something like that) while googling, but they were saying it didn't work with FX5900 series, or worked but faulty and buggy... Any suggestions guys? Tx.
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