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Default Re: XFree86-4 (Mdk 10) crashes with driver 5336

Originally Posted by FireFerum
Unrelated, but can the depth be 32? I don't really know what that number 24 reffers to, but I am thinking perhaps 24 million?
No, X does not support 32 bit color.

The 24 refers not to a number of colors, but to a number of bits (24) that define the color. In 24bit color there are 8 bits each assigned to the 3 primary colors (Red Green Blue) so that by choosing a unique mix of those 3 colors (each ranging 0 - 255) you have a unique RGB color (and yes the number of them ranges in the millions). In 32bit color you have 8 more bits (used for alpha channel control). The number of available colors is not 'strictly' increased. Generally, you and I cannot tell the difference.
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