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Default Slackware and Kernel 2.6.5

Ok, think I FINALLY got this sucker working sweet. After struggling with hard freezes, (tried -mm kernels, nvidia patches from that one guy, can't remember his name, to no avail) no audio, or audio only on some apps, and no gdesklets, I finally got a working setup. I decided to just start over.

Reformated the root partition, laid down a fresh Slack 9.1. Immediately upon finishing that, built a 2.6.5 kernel with ACPI (but not APIC) enabled. Built in nforce options for agp, ide and ethernet. Built core sound support as a module, and built all Alsa options as modules choosing intel8x0 as the device. Built in frame buffer support for console.

Then popped in the Nvidia 1.0-5336 graphics driver. Added the basic lines to modprobe.conf recommended in other threads for Alsa support as well as the basic .asoundrc in my home directory as shown in other threads. Also, downloaded/installed the Graphic EQ equalizer plugin for XMMS, which is very nice. Grab it here

Now, I'm stable, ide access is blazing, the internet screams, xmms, xine, and mplayer all work using Alsa drivers (i have to start mplayer as gmplayer -ao sdl) but not one single lockup, and I even got gdesklets to work, and with that xmms plugin, the audio sounds awesome too.

Everything went smooth except getting Alsa to play nice. I had to tinker a lot with it. It shouldn't be that hard, but it all works now.
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