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Default just a question and some advice needed

My system:
Gateway 1.4ghtz, P4,
1 gig pc800 rdram,
19" monitor,
Xtasy GF4 TI4200 w/128 meg mem,
nvidia 40.71 drivers

The question is: Using the 3dmark 2001, the highest score i can get 79xx. Is this normal or at least in the "range" for the above system? I ask because i keep seeing 5 digit scores for comparable system.

Advice needed: a good set of settings for Riva tuner for above system. Using the default settings for the tuner is where i get the 79xx score. Anything else produces a lower score. I'm not a power addict but would like to get the best settings available from the video card.

Appreciate any feedback,
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