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Ok i've done a simple test to see the performance diffrenece in Pk between the 9800XT & 5950U .
it looks like the Nvidia card is the winner here !
it wasent apple to apple though - see my sig - , the 5950u rig has the video card overlcokced to 522/1000 +P4:3.0+1GB DDR400 , the 9800xt rig has P4:3.4 , stock + O/D , 1GB DDR400 .

games settings : all max (5x decals) + 1280x1024 , 2xAA , 4xAF.

at the first level (cemetry) the 9800xt & 5950u has max fps ~ 80 fps ,.. the avarage though was about the same on both ~ 30-60fps .

in the Asylum level i had some fps drops so i made another test there .
as you know the level is dark so you need flashlight + those monters with electric heads makes a heavy use of lights & shadows & maybe some particle effectes .

the 5950u's min fps was 21 fps , while the 9800xt has a min of 18 fps!
the avarage was around the same again .. ~ 45fps
again i took a scene near a monster with electric head as a standard point & recorded the framecounter , 9800xt got around 45fps while the 5950u got 52+fps!

the result is : teh overlcoked nvidia card is teh winner !
so i'll continue playing the game on it .

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