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Default Mandrake 10 AMD64 beta 2 Nvidia Display Drivers

First off I'm a linux newb so I decided to go with Mandrake 10 beta 2, I have been unable to install the Nvidia Display drivers version 5332. I went to and downloaded the premade kernel 2.6 install followed all the directions and the drivers seemed to install but when switching the line in XF86Config-4 from 'nv' to 'nvidia', i get an error that says the "Nvidia drvier kernel is unable to initialize." According to the nvidia docs this means that the driver is not compiled for my linux kernel, which I beleive is version 2.6.3mdk7. Is ther anyone who has successfully installed the AMD64 Nvidia display driver with this version, and could give me a sort of walkthrough, or do they just not work at all and I have to wait. I want to be able to use Tv-out, and the 3D graphics stuff provided by this driver that isn't in the built-in one.


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