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Default Re: Support for FD.O X server?

Originally Posted by rhorn
What? X11R6.7 is a protocol spec of the next generation X protocol, not an implementation of an X server.

It would be a shame if NVidia doesn't have any support for Keith Packard's X server implementation. It has a lot of nice features that the XFree86/XOrg versions do not, but it would be difficult to use an X server without any OpenGL acceleration.
Look at BeOS with its nice and fast GUI. Its death. I also like the way and the X Server from K.P., but its like in the car industry an prototype and a long way from an really stable release. Wait 1-2 years for it. I really hope it goes faster and will be our next X one, but it also has some not so good things like the servers from XF3.3, for every card an own server...

Look also at earlier Berlin named. It has many good features, too. But, in developement since years. Its difficult to wrote an new X system from the outset

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