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Originally Posted by pzgren
[marcus@redtuxi marcus]$ cat /etc/fedora-release
Fedora Core release 1.91 (FC2)

[marcus@redtuxi marcus]$ uname -ro
2.6.6-rc1 GNU/Linux

[marcus@redtuxi marcus]$ cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version
NVRM version: NVIDIA Linux x86 NVIDIA Kernel Module 1.0-5341...
GCC version: gcc-Version 3.3.3 20040412 (Red Hat Linux 3.3.3-7)

[marcus@redtuxi marcus]$ cat /usr/src/linux-2.6.6-rc1/.config | grep 4K

And if there is someone with problems with that feature outta space: You have the source, Luke.

No I only have some source for the nVidia driver
Where did you get 5341 btw ? I only have 1.0-5336 , and havn't seen any newer
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