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Default Re: Dell 5150 w/ 5200Go: CRT monitor output-HOW??

Answering the rest, yes I get hardware 3d acceleration across both heads,

If the projector is VGA based it should work, I haven't played with the TV-Out though.

Upgradable, yes/no. The process involves removing the blue button civer, the keyboard, unplug internal LCD cable, take off another panel, then remove card. I didn't do it myself, but rather had my LCD break, and the Dell tech came with a new LCD and video card, to determine what as broken. It turned out to be the LCD, but i saw he brought a 5200, which has better support then my radeon 9000, and he was kind enough to put it in anyways.

Oh yes, and X.Org, works great, never used the 5200 with Xfree, so can't really compare, all I can say is that things work just fine with it. No complaints.
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