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Default Re: Support for FD.O X server?

Originally Posted by LaNcom
And Keith's xserver (formerly kdrive) will most likely have a DDX wrapper, as will Y-Windows. So those servers will be able to load and use current binary drivers by Nvidia, ATI, XGI, 3DLabs etc.
It isn't "formerly" kdrive, it *is* kdrive. The site is just very poorly written as it doesn't make that clear, which leads to all sorts of confusion. The Xserver project includes no only kdrive, but several other X servers as well. kdrive is just the most popular of those, now that Xorg moved to its own module.

kdrive will *not* have an XFree86/Xorg DDX wrapper, as it isn't technically feasible. They are two very alien architectures.

kdrive is nowhere near user ready, not for at least another year (and likely a lot longer), as it isn't intended for users. It's an experimental play ground. The features being worked on are working their way into Xorg (there is already a branch that includes XFIXES and DAMAGE extensions for Xorg, and COMPOSITE is likely on the way when those are stable).

There really isn't any reason for anyone who doesn't plan on developing new X technologies to even look at kdrive. It's not for users at all. Almost all configuration occurs in the source code itself, there is little to no documentation, and not much stability or mainstream hardware support. Maybe some day when it's more "feature complete" some efforts will be put forth to making it production ready, but don't hold your breath. It's likely to remain the play ground and Xorg will be the production X server.
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