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Default Re: NVIDIA-5336 + latest 2.6 kernel problems

Originally Posted by LordMorgul
According to all indications, bleeding edge (re: this topic) will rapidly become mainstream... in other words all Linux users will suffer once mainstream merges this work -- only distros that do not upgrade kernels will remain 'solid on the 2.6.x'. In this you are right... up to a point in time, where you become very wrong.

I do not stand with those that think nVIDIA should put extensive effort into following the bleeding edge, however, in this case significant changes are being made that WILL effect the ability of their drivers to perform. I expect that in time they will correct these problems -- it would be reasonable for the engineers to begin looking at the problem now.
If nVidia developers are not paying attention to no-longer-quite-so-bleeding-edge efforts such as Fedora Core 2 test releases, and the soon-to-be-mainstream (kernel 2.6.6) performance-enhancing 4K_STACK patches Red Hat developers are helping create, they will be blind-sided when new releases (e.g. FC2) hit the street. Better yet, they could open source the 3D support, as they have the 2D code in the nv driver, and get the benefits of community support. Hope they are listening.
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