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Default Mandrake 10, kernel 2.6.0, 5336, runs slow & locks up

Hi, I have Mandrake 10. After I install the 5336 driver, KDE loads and runs very slowly for anywhere from 1 second, to 1 minute, and then locks up. The installer could not find a pre-compiled module for my kernel, so it compiled one for me.

card:-------------------------nVidia GeForce2 MX/MX 400
Motherboard:-------------Dell A02
Processor:------------------P3, 700mhz

I'd post the other useful info, but the driver is not currently installed. I just got my wacom tablet working and if I had installed the driver before posting this, I wouldn't be able to use it and the GIMP for a while. This is the problem I had when I installed the driver a while back. Since then I have reinstalled Mandrake 10. Running the uninstall command is not enough because two files are modified by the installer and not set back to their original state. These files are and (I think). At the time I did not have internet access so doing a clean install was the easiest option.

Even though I have not provided all the approiate trouble-shooting info, I was hoping to at least get some suggestions as to what the problem might be. If the driver does not work properly this time, then I will post the rest of the data.

Thank you.
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