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Default Texture problems have started happening..

I have recently started getting texture problems with certain PC games (the more demanding ones) and don't know what the problem is. I few months ago I could play "GTA: Vice City" with no problems whatsoever, but now I get lots of texture problems. I also get these problems with another game (FarCry) so I know it's not just with that one game.

I'm currently using the latest drivers (56.64) for my card (Geforce 4 ti4200 AGP8X) and have even tried around 5 different earlier drivers to fix the problem but it still happens. The texture problem can be somewhat worse with an older driver.

When I go into my bios there isn't any setting in the "chipset" for AGP which I think there should be. Could it be that 8x isn't enabled? If I go to "Display Properties/Settings/Advanced" and click on "Geforce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X" it says "Adapter information : Bus AGP 4X". Isn't this wrong?

System Specs:

AMD AthlonXP 2700MHZ
512 DDR 333
OS: Windows 98
Motherboard: AT7-MAX2

Any help would be most appreciated.
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