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Default People should stop useless repetitions

Everytime someone starts a thread, one that has use, meaning and intelligence, it seems there's always someone who drops in and say: "Hey, why did you buy that? Mine's better, yours has lame IQ and has no PS6.654237 performance, blabla."

I hate when they do that, especially when it's clearly OT. An Ati vs Nvidia war is understandable when the thread is entitled "NVidia vs Ati, which is best" or such, but not when someone ask for specific info about a product, whether ati, nv, or matrox.

Please quit dropping in to say all GF5 are crap, and such. If you did tests and saw lesser quality in AF for example when you had a GFFX in YOUR comp for three days, fine, but quit barfing the same old shiite your read on Beyond3D or MofoNews or whatever. IF WE'RE POSTING HERE WE'VE READ ALL THE REVIEWS!!!!

In short: Quit barfing the same old shiite (not Iraqi shiite, just plain old ****e)!!!!

We're not here to enlist people in all our private personal wars!

I had to say that. Feel free to barf new shiite. Just not old 2 year old shiite.
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