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Default Re: Quadro4 700XGL twinview problem - hardware issue?

Hi folks. Found the answer to this - now does someone want to tell me if this is a bug or not?

First of all, let me say that the XF86Config file was correct all along - or at least was working (don't hang me up on the definition of "correct"!).

The problem was that at boot time the card decides which display-out device has "the" monitor on it and that's where it sends it's console output to. But it checks the VGA port before the DRI port, and if there's nothing on the VGA port it seems to then disable it. Twinview won't work until the machine has been through a power cycle with both monitors attached. Everything I tried involved cycling the X server by going through an "init 3","init 5" sequence.

So if the machine was initially booted without a monitor hanging off the VGA port, twinview won't work.

Bug? Shouldn't the driver report if the second screen output device has been disabled? Especially if it's asked to go into twinview mode where it's expected to activate that screen? Should I report this as a bug do you think?

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