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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
I asked my maths methods teacher about this before (if imaginary numbers could be used anywhere) he went whacko at me and said you just simply can't because the square root of a negative doesn't exist. He said Imaginary numbers are there to help you understand maths better and is an extension of learning maths BUT I.N s can't be used practically.

That's what my maths teacher said. Prove him wrong and I will be happy to tell him

"Well as to the use of imaginary numbers (the complex number system), if the algebra teacher I had when I was back in highschool is correct, imaginary numbers did come into play (an application thereof) when radio technology was being developed. Though I have worked with some circuit design (in regards to computers) I have not looked into this to see if he was correct. Imaginary numbers could have their practical applications however."
Ah ha! What a good laugh! And you let those guys TEACH math? Jeeezz...

First, "imaginary" was the term coined by an imagination-lacking mathematician of the time of their invention (well before radio was invented!) because they had hard time conceiving that such strange things could exist. That was very new and seemed "unnatural" because the science (then called "natural philosophy") did not show then any use in nature of those strange mathematical things. They would have been much more inspired to call them "lateral" numbers, as another one of the mathematicians of that time suggested (sorry I don't remember who).

They are used almost everywhere! They are useful to model waves. And waves are everywhere. They are used to design the components of your TV, your radio, your car, your camera, and etc. but also to display jpeg images, DVD movies, listen to mp3 files, and etc. again.

Sure, they can't be used practically... Lol! Thanks for that good joke!

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