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Devin Whalen
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Default NVIDA drivers and Mandrake 10 Kernel 2.6


I had Red Hat 9 and ran your driver installation card and it worked great. I was really happy with it. However, I just installed Mandrake 10 with the 2.6 kernel and the driver installation fails everytime. It can't seem to find my kernel-source...but I a sure (pretty sure) that it is installed! It also trys to connect to the ftp site but fails...I think this is because I am not connected to the internet when I boot up in failsafe. I will try to start my internet connection next time but I want some advice first. My video card is : NVIDIA GeForce 2MX 64 MB.

It displays fine when I am just doing regular stuff, but when I try to play armagetron the display is horrible! And that is not even a very graphic intensive game.

Thanks for the help.

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