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Default Re: BFG 5800u: who wants one, and why?

Originally Posted by Riptide
OK, now Rollo dies!

Just what we needed... more competition.
Sorry about that- I never thought of the "lower chances of winning" aspect of it, I just figured 100's of people would be entering anyway and the AT people are a good community who might like a shot at it.

I was amazed to see that BFG refurb thing though. Cripes, when I was looking for one of these, I considered having a guy in England ship me one.
Then Waltar shows up, now this, ......

I've decided 5800Ultras are like women(sex) when you're single: If you've got one, you can have more. If you don't, don't bother looking. (visible to women only sign above your head, flashing, "Not Getting Any")
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