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some things in reguard to Nam perf:

in your BIOS changing AGP aperature to 256 helped me and the guys i play with crashing to desktop. that and AGP voltage on my overclocked box got rid of my crashes totally. rock stable here.

these guys are getting anisotropy to work fine on ATI cards as well by setting texture preferences to high performance in display props. 8x perf seems to be the setting of choice aniso/ati wise. Setting tex prefs to PERF in display props greatly improves smoothness on ATI cards reguardless of anisotropy enabled/disabled

ATI doods really like omega's 4.4 drivers alot for this game.

For my 5900NU i set Mip map to medium LOD in NvHardpage, set 4x aniso and force trilinear @ perf with great results.

In game light maps off, shadows off, medium details and 1280x960 gets me 50-80 fps pretty constant. AA gets me booted to desktop so i dont mess.
StarStorm XQ 56.72's make this game look awesome and really help with smoothness after applying all above settings.

I also run 32channels , occlusion off with the buffer set to 1000

If u dont have at least 768 o ram forget smooth play. Im sure thats why Brian's load times sucked. Of all the guys i play with (25 or so) only the ones with 512 ram are left complaining after applying above settings.

Load times are great with 1 gig and running it off of a RAID array.

game rocks!
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