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Default Re: Mandrake & nVidia drivers (whatever version)

Hello Guys:
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No option added ("NvAGP" "2", "0"... ) worked for me... I think I have Gremlins in my PC. After all before the installation of a recently downloaded version of Mandrake 10.0. The same problem of always: my screen freezes and I only can move the cursor a few seconds after KDE or GNOME starts... sometimes freezes before the session is completely loaded. I only can see a "beautiful" screenshot of my desktop (and sometimes the sound in a ring at the background) and the only thing to do is a dirty restart.
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I don't know what's the problem: with Windows (98se or XP for example) my nVidia works fine. With Mepis (Debian) or Red Hat works too... but with MDK is a nightmare installing the nVidia drivers because after uninstalling them with the correct command line program, OpenGL doesn't work at all and I must reinstall Mandrake again if I want play again with Frozen Bubble for example.
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I read that the Commercial version of Mandrake 10.0 does support nVidia drivers and the Downloadable version (this is what I'm using now) doesn't... is this true?
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Salutations from Tenerife, and thanks for your time reading this.
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