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Default The state of online reviews.

Nowadays, more and more reviewers are becoming Corpo*****s(TM). There is always a slant. What I miss is the days when reviews were informative, and completely realistic. Nowadays a review can be broken down in the following way:

Introduction - Some history behind the product. Legacy of performance or whatnot.
Specs (ripped straight off the corporate website)
Computer specs (Typically a P4 at 3.5 Ghz with 20GB of Ram... completely unrealistic..)
Quake3 benchies
3dmark benchies
Overclocking results
Conclusion. Usually with a positive rating...

Let us begin.

640x480x16? I mean wtf. I used to play that res on my p100+voodoo2 combo. Who the bloody hell still uses that?

About 1600x1200? I bought a state-of-the art NEC 19" AG monitor last year... Oh, it can handle 16x12.... but only at 60Hz refresh. Instant Headache in a plastic box... I don't know who can afford those Sony 24"ers that can do it at 85+, but it certainly isn't me.... A poor, struggling student working part-time. For the longest time, I've been using 1024x768. There aren't really any games besides GLQUAKE or Q2 that run well on my computer at 12x10... let alone 16x12. Blame it on my GeForce2... Perhaps the $600 R300 will save me from my low-res hell *rolls eyes*

Overclocking results. I have had it with people buying cards based upon A SINGLE REVIEWER'S RESULTS, and bitching about not being able to achieve the results... People were telling me that their GF2s couldn't OC that high. I personally got it to 250/410 with no additionnal cooling. People also told me that the P3-700e overclocked like a mofo... easily hitting 933 at default voltage with stock cooling... esp. with the cB0 stepping. Imagine my surprise when MY SL45y chip could barely hold 890MHz at 1.85 Volts. Instabilities Galore. Buying anything based upon OC results is ridiculous. A product should be bought for it's speed and features at default clocks... Any gains made by OCing are just a nice little bonus... OCing should not take such an important place in reviews.

And has anyone ever noticed that there are almost NO BAD REVIEWS out there? There are 2 types of reviews. Good reviews and no reviews. If a product is a POS, it won' t get reviewed anywhere. Or if it does, the reviewers will downplay the suckage. If the product is even the least bit good, it will get a glowing review. Blah....


What I wish people would do is review stuff properly. that is, on multiple systems (if possible) and using the settings REAL PEOPLE would use. Do you know anyone who plays games with sound disabled? Maybe deaf people do, but not the rest of the gaming community. Enough with the wack-ass resolutions. Enough with all the settings turned off. I am also Sick&Tired of reviewers pimping their 3dmark2001 scores. That is the most biased, unrealistic benchmarking suite I have ever seen. Not to mention the meaningless results. Is a card that hits 12 000 pts that much behind a card that hits 13 000? It's a synthetic benchmark. It doesn't represent a realistic gaming environment. What should be done is more tests on games rather than these BS benchmarks...

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