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Default Re: Why title the news in such an inflamitory manner?

Originally Posted by LordPainII
Well hell that does not change the fact that you linked to a page that is just a rumor. Based on a rumor. How much more of a bull**** article can you get.
Heh, if we (or any site of this nature for that matter) linked purely to 100%, undeniably factual stories...well, that would be a very laborious undertaking and we'd likely never get any timely news posted. Separating the wheat from the chaff in this industry is like herding cats (okay, enough cliches )

We (and many, many other sites out there) link to stories from The Inquirer all the time and no one complains (at least not to the extent you are). This story is no different from those so have you ever complained about them before? I'm not trying to be snippy about this, just trying to find out where you're coming from.
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