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Default Re: Is there an issue with nForce 1 and Linux?

THX, but no SCSI wouldn't work in my case. All of my drives, from CD burner, to DVD ROM, to hard drives are all attached to an Adaptec 29160 Ultra3 SCSI card. The Knoppix version I tried was the lattest STD (security tools distribution) which was recently taken from there site. Well, what other version would I get from the networking lab, when we're learning about things like network security and all No, I won't load etercat and whatnot on my home PC. Tis do not want to make my ISP nervious...

I tried Red Hat 9.0 and it wouldn't install the boot loader, a prob that

- Mandrake 9 didn't have
- that earlier versions of Red Hat (like 7.2) didn't have on this drive though that was on a prior mobo when I had an Athlon tbird 1 GHz CPU.
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