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Default Re: why did my score get worse after overclock

Originally Posted by takuma
i lowered it to 510core and it never went to 80c high 70s though. also incase it makes a difference this is a bios flashed 5900 but it works perfectly so far. oh yeah i also got 54xx score after that.

if you don't want the effects of down throttling on a 5900 flashed to a 5950u, then flash it with a ASUS5950u bios. The ASUS always runs in 3D, and has no throttling mode. Also fan is at full speed all time, and therefore helps much better with cooling. But will be a bit noisier.

when overclocking your existing 59xx setup, especially using rivatuner, you must reboot after setting the overclocked speeds, as rivatuner does a stress test which prematurely triggers the throttling condition. Rebooting resets this triggered condition.
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Driver, 82.12 :-
Aquamark3, 75039
Codecreatures1, 90.8
3Dmark05 v120, 6195
3Dmark03 v360, 14334
3Dmark06 v102, 2949
3Dmark2001se v330, 23793.
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